Tery's B-Day

26 April 2005

Tery's birthday is coming up. I haven't been able to pry any "wishlist" out of her. Once again, I shall be forced to make unilateral decisions for her own good. Muwahahahaa!

Encyclopedia Mythica

12 April 2005

Encyclopedia Mythica: mythology, folklore, and religion. is quite the useful reference for mythology and folklore. Worth checking out if you're interested in this sort of thing.


12 April 2005

Well, in fact, MacGourmet 1.1 came out complete with the promised printing support. I must say, they did a great job with it. They are using CSS to format the printing and allow for new templates to be added. I immediately took them up on this, since they had support for Avery perforated 8.5x11 sheets of 4x6 cards, but no plain 4x6 cards. I just hacked a little CSS and presto! instant recipe cards. Nice work folks.


08 February 2005

Looking into Munin some more. I think it will be something like blogging, something like MacJournal, something like everything2, and a bit like DEVONthink/DEVONnote. Don't want much do I? I'd like to have some collaborative aspect to it. Some iApp-like sharing in a "playlist" sidebar. Gotta start sketching...


04 October 2004

Wow! It's been an awfully long time since I posted here, hasn't it? What the heck have I been up to?

Let's see...

Carrie has started preschool, Aly is in second grade, Cody is in first. Tery's in her second year of law school. I'm still at Lexmark.


25 January 2004

Tuesday night, I encountered a truly painful experience. I backed up my three partitions to a firewire external drive as disk images. Then I repartitioned my PowerBook to have just one big partition. When I went to restore from the external drive, one of the three disk images was no good. All of the files were on it in the right places, with the right sizes, but their content was all zeros. Unfortunately, this was the partition with all of my iTunes library and iPhoto library, including the pictures from our vacation to DisneyWorld and the Kennedy Space Center. I'm probably going to send the PowerBook's drive off to one of the recovery companies. Since, worst case, the files have been overwritten with zeros, the originals should be recoverable. Here's hoping.


25 January 2004

Yesterday at lunch, Carrie picked up a garbanzo bean from her salad and said, "I don't like these. They look like bottoms." I found that remarkably hard to refute.

Beastly, I Say!

18 January 2004

I'm over at mom and dad's so the girls can play with Gram. Having put on makeup to look like animals, the girls just went downstairs to welcome Grandaddy home. Upon seeing Aly, Grandaddy said "A cat, a doggone cat!" upon which Carrie cried "And a beastly animal too!"


11 January 2004

We just got back from about a week at Disney World. It was Tery and I and Gram and Grandad (my parents) and Aly and Carrie and Cody.

We left Disney World Thursday morning and drove back. We were getting in to Lexington around 10:45 at night when the snow started. A few miles from our exit found us with three separate wrecks to pass and we slowed to a crawl. We had been thinking that the kids could get in to school on Friday and not have to chew up their fifth day of parentally excused absence, but it turned out to be a snow day anyway. Oh well.

Andrew Welch Quote

11 January 2004

Andrew Welch Quote

Some people's minds are like cement: all mixed up and permanently set...

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