Not all news has to be bad news

19 February 2009

OK, so I saw this story today, and it helped me remember that not all news has to be bad news. It also reminded me of this one from last spring. Hopefully they'll bring a smile to your day.

Movie Trilogy Trends

17 February 2009

OK, I think I gotta agree with this: The Trilogy Meter

Update: Oh, and a nice update using the IMDB star ratings to chart the films.

Bailout Part 2

10 February 2009

More miscellaneous thoughts about the economic 'crisis.'

Don't bail out businesses. Use the money to shore up unemployment and small business loans. I guarantee that if the unemployment pool is big enough, plenty of entrepreneurs will rise from the ashes.

Bailout Part 1

10 February 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts about the economic 'crisis.'

Don't bail out homeowners being foreclosed. Instead shore up Section 8 housing. Let the banks foreclose and try to do something with the properties. In many cases, I expect the local housing markets to drop enough that many of the foreclosed could re-enter the market, albeit at a lower level. Let the market do its thing, and let people fail. Otherwise, they will never learn.

A Twitter Decision

09 February 2009

People have trouble when they first hear about Twitter. They can't get a handle on what it is. It's whatever you want it to be. Your usage patter will probably match mine. Heck, my usage pattern this week probably won't match mine next week. Not only is Twitter evolving, but it evolves at different times for different users. I think Rands has a really good handle on the important points of Twitter here.

Every couple of weeks, a meme stressing about 'an increase in Twitter spam' wanders the Internet. Each time I see this meme appear, I turn away from my keyboard and bang my head against my desk three times.

The Recession is a Painful Cure

05 February 2009

The American economy does have serious problems, but the recession is the fix for those problems, not the cause.
I've always liked the way Aaron thinks.

(Via possible/probable.)

Noodlings » The Invisible Interface: Stealing Prefs

05 February 2009

The Invisible Interface: Stealing Prefs

In this installment of The Invisible Interface, we are going to look at stealing preferences. What is stealing preferences? Simply enough, it’s using the preferences of some other app instead of having your own for a particular feature. The point of this is to avoid having to provide a separate interface for settings when the user has already made their choices known somewhere else.
I have to say that I consider this not only brilliant, but the Right Way ™ to do it.

Country Inspection

04 February 2009

Running on Hope from Douglas Sarine on Vimeo.

If you didn't know Douglas is the amazing talent behind Ask a Ninja and the The Ninja Handbook .

How to Build an Upside-Down Fire: The Only Fireplace Method You’ll Ever Need

03 February 2009

Again, standards rock!

31 January 2009

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